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Making Custom Kidneys​

12 People Die Every day Waiting for a Kidney Transplant

A custom engineered kidney transplant will save each patient over $300,000 on average over a 10 year period. The savings come from not having to take immunosuppression drugs to prevent rejection of the transplanted organ and avoiding the common complications causing hospital stays from a human donor kidney transplant. The quality of life is much better with a custom engineered kidney transplant

Custom Human Kidneys

A patient receiving an engineered kidney grown from their own cells will not require long term immunosuppression drugs and will have a better quality of life compared to dialysis and human donor transplant.

  • Over 4000 people die per year waiting for a kidney.

  • Over 350,000 people in the United States are on kidney dialysis for kidney failure and need a new kidney.

  • Mesogen will produce custom kidneys for transplant using the patient's own stem cells in less than 1 year.

  • The Blastocyst Complementation method allows for the engineered kidney to go through all the normal embryonic stages of development and function for the animal in which it is grown.

Mesogen Will Solve This Crisis

  • Mesogen will be a provider of engineered kidneys for transplant

  • Mesogen is developing custom human kidneys from the patient’s own stem cells to replace failing kidneys. These kidneys can be grown in about 12 months with our proprietary process

  • The patient will not require long term anti-rejection drugs and will have a better quality of life with less complications

  • $35 Billion opportunity in the US

  • $5 Billion per year opportunity in the US with new transplant candidates

  • Pharmaceutical companies looking for human kidney models to test drugs and therapies could provide additional market opportunities

How it Works

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Proof of Concept

Blastocyst Complementation Method to Create Human Kidney Using a Patient’s Own Cells

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