About Mesogen Company

Mesogen will be a provider of autologous engineered Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) cell patches for transplant. This will be a curative treatment.

The company headquarters is  located in the Woodlands, Texas, in the United States.


Mesogen, Inc. will provide custom made RPE patches will be grown from a patient’s own cells. These patches can be grown in about 2 months with our proprietary process.

Patients will quickly see the benefits of having a custom lab grown RPE patches made of their own cells without having to worry about the complications of immunosuppression. The patient will not require long-term anti-rejection drugs and will have a better quality of life with less complications.

Our Facilities

Nestled in the research corridor of The Woodlands, TX, Mesogen Inc features state of the art facilities.

Previous Success in
Life Science Technology

Dr. Riddle’s
Lung Bioreactor
Sold to Harvard Apparatus and
used in 12 laboratories around the US

Dr. Riddle’s Pediatric
Aortic Heart Valve Bioreactor
Sold to Harvard Apparatus
and Used at the Mayo Clinic

Stem Cell Exosome Based
Wound Spray
Sold through Kimera Labs Inc. in Miramar Florida

A Cure Is Coming

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Take control of your future and get in touch with us today to explore how Mesogen can assist you. Whether you’re a physician or a patient, we’re actively engaged in different stages of development and would love to discuss how we can support your goals. Don’t hesitate, reach out today!